No – You Are Not Going Blind


But I am quite possibly going insane today.  Really.

Have been trying to update this blog to be more fitting to a crime writer – I mean let’s face it – pink and white wasn’t really cutting it for one minute – was it?

Have enlarged the text and changed the colour and I will try to do the same for the previous posts soon.  Am not sure about the header but I have already spent far too much time fiddling about so it will have to do for now.

How are you all today then?

I have gale force winds, the air conditioner on high and a desperate need of coffee.

Catch you soon.


Guest-Post: Creative Writing Process- Are you a plotter or a pantster?

Excellent post.. Excellent blog.

Opportunity Knocks. Knocks. Knocks.

In the name of solidarity I thought I might share a competition that I just found whilst wandering around cyberspace.

Obviously it’s for the crime genre and an excellent opportunity for unpublished, un-agented (?) writers of this sector to get their debut novel out there.

You can find all the details HERE – Good luck if you give it a go.

If I find more I will share them.

The Pink Handcuffs And Me

Yes I know you are expecting something else – but I just want to let you know that I made the erotica blog.  Not much on it yet other than a rant..  Good start.

Clicking the image below will take you there if you so wish.

I am starting to feel a bit like a parrot to be honest – but hey, could be worse.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will have myself sorted out and will actually have something of interest to write.

Be good.

Prostitutes, Coffee, Collaboration and Me

I have three things to write about this morning and I am going to put them all in this post – so go and make a coffee and get comfortable.

ONE: After serious consideration I have decided to make a separate blog for my erotica.

Although it can be quite sensual, sometimes it is a little dark and I have no wish to put people off from visiting my little corner of cyberspace.

Sometimes of course the images will be a little risqué.

I will set it up on Blogger I think later today and come back with a link later.

TWO: I have a crime story going through editing and what have you that I will self publish when I feel the time is right.

Currently I am looking at cover images/designers.  I am a completely new to all of this so as I am sure you appreciate – IT’S A CHALLENGE!

TWO a: Is there anyone out there who would consider collaborating on a future story?

Yes I know it is one hell of a lot of work but I think it could be very beneficial to have two heads plotting a murder and the character who is responsible for it.

THREE: I have a WIP that I am considering sharing as I go on this blog and I want to introduce you to one of the main characters to see if she raises any interest.

The story has no name as of yet, (two in the melting pot under consideration.)

It’s murder based with some sexual profanities but nothing graphic.

A little hard to describe, but my best attempt is modern Victorian (yes I know that makes no sense whatsoever.)

It’s based around a group of prostitutes who live under the roof of Madam Cynthia (who is not a madam in that sense of the word.) They are there because initially, they had nowhere else to go.


I was honest with her and told her I worked the streets, mostly around the harbour and once the shock had worn off she agreed on a trial period, as long as not a single one of my ‘Gentlemen’ ever passed over her threshold.

Well she soon changed her mind about that let me tell you. Once she realised that I was on to a nice little earner she went and upped the rent, allowed me to let more than one dark cully up the steps and told me to round-up a few girls who needed a roof over their heads.

That wasn’t difficult to do and she has her head screwed on does Madam. Let ’em have the first week free and bring as many Gents in as they want before she hit ’em with a request for rent.

Damn bloody clever ‘cos by that time they didn’t have any relish to step back in the harbour and start shagging up against a wall again. This was a life of luxury compared to their former existence.



..I have come to the conclusion that other than blogging about what I write, I want to open these pages to other author bloggers and their writing, join in any blog hop flash fiction thingies (if you know of any let me know – any genre,) and share awesome hints and tips pertaining to this business that I find.

To be honest I know very little about blogging and so I am going at it with my head down and my gloves on, in the hope that someday soon, very soon, it will all fall in place and I will be able to stick my head above the parapet and say “guess what? I’m a blogger.”

I may try to do a few reviews from time to time as I do read an awful lot, but I have never actually tried to put my thoughts about a book into words.

The Central Reservation is going to become a place where I talk to myself a lot I think.

The Central Reservation..

..  is – for some very strange reason the name that I have given this blog.

Be assured it was not for want of using my name but whichever combination I tried, someone else had beaten me to it.

I shall hunt down all other folk named Rosa Lindy in cyberspace and form a group.

Or maybe not.

Anyway.  This is the first post and I have nothing much to say other than hello.

I hope to keep you entertained and I also hope that when I hit a crisis you, one of you at least will jump in and help me.

As I plunder my way through the trauma of Social Media set up you can find me on TWITTER and/or FACEBOOK where I currently have two friends.

I need a name for my current WIP and very soon I shall tell all and ask for some suggestions.

See you soon.